Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Valentine's to Real Men!

Happy Valentine's Day to the real men out there!  We know that all men are NOT users. 

May your day be blessed! (And if you'd like to show that you care for young girls in healthy ways, please read below.)

A friend sent me a note this evening with a challenge for real men...

"All the way home I was thinking of your presentation and affecting the lives of young girls, changing the fabric of their past into something of the tapestry God intended…, and then I thought- what of the young men… who are a contributing factor for sure?  I thought of the empty shell of a building, finally clear of garbage!  What of the giftedness of the men in the church… their professional lives of electricians, plumbers, masonry… and what if they would be willing to do the work and invite the boys to learn from them… a short term apprentice with teachings to the kingdom interwoven?  Perhaps that’s why the Lord gave you the ‘shell’… for the men to prepare the foundation for these young women to blossom…, and what if they brought alongside young men… and spoke into them skills of not only a possible profession…but of caring for a woman as God intended."

The property that has been donated for use as a Design Studio Outreach to At-Risk Girls is in the heart of the low-income, high crime neighborhoods and apartment complexes that we hope to impact. We need skilled and unskilled men to come along side the seamstresses and mentors to show they, too, "care" for these precious girls AND the young boys who will help to protect them.

Please let me know if you are able to volunteer the gifts you have been given as your Valentine gift to the community. Or if you are unable to physical help on-site but would like to contribute to the cost of the construction, you can donate your tax deductible gift online at

Thank you for caring. Be blessed!

Adorned in Grace
Compassion Connect, Inc.

P.S. The funds for six brand new sewing machines were donated last week! Let's help the girls learn to use them! Any women who would like to be a part of the next Outreach Workshop at the Stonecreek Apartment Recreation Center, please contact Marie at  (It will be so wonderful when we actually have a Design Studio "home" to invite the girls to!)

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