Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adorned in Grace Outreach to At-risk Teens - Update!

Repurposing/redesigning donated dresses as a means of connecting with at-risk girls in order to earn the right to tell them how incredibly valuable, beautifully created and deeply loved they are.

  • Cross-Continent Engineers has donated the use of this 2,400 sq ft in their office on SE 121st and Lincoln for Adorned in Grace's Outreach to at-risk girls!
  • Westside Christian High School selected AIG's Outreach as it's service project
    • 20 students, parents and staff worked at the site on Oct 15th to clean the basement and prepare for construction
  • Front Porch International has agreed to oversee permitting and construction. Construction volunteers and funds to pay for materials and services that are not volunteered are greatly needed! Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Outreach Event - DIY Creations! December 3rd!

An Outreach to At-risk Girls event (DIY Creations!) will be Saturday, Dec 3 at the El Shaddai Center on SE 121st and Lincoln. Please pray for the girls that we are privileged to meet from this neighborhood. Pray that we would have love and discernment in building relationships and earning the right to speak beauty, hope and truth into these young lives.

Serving with you,


Adorned in Grace Outreach to At-risk Teens
Compassion Connect, Inc/Abolition Now


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

Great program.. Keep it up! Giving hope and creative activities to at-risk teenagers decreases violent behavior. Such activities help at-risk youths develop relationships with other youths and have tremendous power to help youths obtain better understandings of life.

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