Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gresham Outlook brings attention to local human trafficking issues

The front-page article includes detailed information of the situation locally and shares what local officials and legislature are doing to address the issue. It is strongly agreed that creating shelters is vital to breaking the cycle of young victims in sex-trafficking. According to Senator Wyden, “Without a place for the girls to escape to, they return to life on the street and to the same men who exploited them in the first place, that leaves police and prosecutors with no victim and no case.”

In the US it is estimated that there are only 70 shelter beds across all 50 states for victims of sex-trafficking to find safe harbor. Multnomah County Commisioner Diane McKeel is advocating for a 22-bed shelter in the Portland area for youth victims of sex-trafficking.

The Outlook also featured Adorned in Grace and the work that has been done and is being done to raise funds for Door to Grace's plan for a 10-bed shelter.

“We’re using a symbol of love, of purity, to attack the evil,” Tribbett added, pointing to the wedding dresses. “We feel that this is a very strong statement.”