Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Reality

It is often assumed that sex-trafficking is an evil in distant places like Thailand, Cambodia or Latin America, but it should be made known that it is very much an active force in the United States today. The FBI estimates that over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. The average age of a trafficked victim is 14 years old. The statistics are daunting, and the stories heart-breaking.

That is why we are excited to partner with Door to Grace to bring healing and hope to youth affected by sex-trafficking. Guided by scripture and God's heart for the broken, Door to Grace shares their vision:

"And He took them up in His arms, laid His hands on them, and blessed them" - Mark 10:16

"In 2009, it was estimated that fewer than 50 beds are available in the US for victims of sex trafficking. A handful of non-profit organizations are attempting to provide shelter and services for minor victims, sometimes with public assistance, and almost always without adequate funding or support.

Door To Grace founders and supporters seek to develop a model of care that will provide shelter and aftercare services specifically designed for minor domestic victims, but also one that is economically feasible so that it could be easily replicated in other US venues. The mission of Door To Grace is to establish protective shelter(s) and provide healing services to DMST victims in Oregon, primarily in the Willamette Valley, with a goal of rehabilitating victims and restoring them to full productive life in our communities. Door To Grace is currently researching peer agencies at sites in the US and Canada, and plans to have its program design validated by June 30, 2010. It is envisioned that the care model may need to include multiple care outcomes, including “de-programming”, “stabilization”, and “re-integration.”

Thus, Adorned in Grace invites you to join in supporting Door To Grace as they actively pursue to tangibly bring restoration to the broken hearts and lives of young people affected by sex-trafficking in the United States.

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